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Today I want to talk about the subject of masks.

Why do we hide behind them?

Why do we hide our true selves from the world

 I would like to invite you to try and figure out why people hide their fears inside instead of trying to deal with them, and what are the feelings or reasons behind this? 

When people put on a mask we can say the anonymity it provides encourages them to do things they might not normally do? So there is something about it that gives the wearer protection.  But living behind a mask leads to the person suffering or feeling alone or unconnected to other people.

Sometimes people forget they are wearing a mask and they lose their authentic selves.  They never take it off and underneath they are feeling that no one knows the real them and they feel alone and isolated.

Many of us in the past have experienced this like an internal struggle,

where our real world is hidden under the mask. When we realize we are not the only ones wearing a mask we can identify with others and discover we are not alone.

Wearing a mask only hides the problems and can cause extreme loneliness and isolation.  If we are brave enough to take off the mask and confront the reasons we put it on in the first place such as rejection, shame, low self esteem or pain that others have caused us, then love can bring healing and allow us to live as our authentic selves

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I have experienced this myself in the past and I want to encourage you that things can change when we discover there is a solution.

First of course, it is necessary to accept our true feelings and be willing to confront them. In doing this we realize we can overcome if instead of ignoring we learn new ways of thinking. If we choose love,  because the love within ourselves can be stronger than the situations we are hiding from or avoiding. A new perspective can give us life and new energy, renewing  us and allowing us to focus on different things, clearing the mind of the old ways we were once accustomed to. 

If we embrace our authentic selves and realize we are not perfect but are a work in progress, this will give us the ability to dare to discover this wonderful world.  If we can accept our true selves good and bad rather than being paralyzed with fear, we can move forward to becoming the person we wish to be.

How can we expect others to love us if we don’t even love ourselves?

Face your fears taking off the mask, cultivate the positive things instead of  focusing on the negatives and let the world see the real and beautiful person you are, flaws and all. Not only will this allow you to receive the love of others but it will also encourage others to have the freedom to do the same.

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There are many ways that people can get ahead of the masks but the main thing is to be ourselves, because showing ourselves how we really are allows us to have better communication with other people, since this way others will not distrust you and will accept you more easily and you will become part of their friendship.

Being who you are allows you to be free, get your maximum creativity, be happy and give love, not having stress just trying to please others but focusing your energy on what good you have to give to others.

You are fine the way you are, you don’t need to please others, just be yourself!



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